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who we are...Claudia L'Amoreaux is the founder of edge-ucation, an e-learning consulting & design group. She is joined by a creative mix of online learning advisers, info designers and architects, and new media technicians. Primary collaborator, Barbara Vogl, edits PATTERNS, the journal of the Systems Thinking/Chaos Theory network for educators.

what's happening here... 21st century edge-ucation offers views from the leading edge of learning, appropriate technology & cyberspace, beginning spring, 2001 with
The Edge-ucation Dialogues.

keywords... mathetics, global, universal access, collaboration, authentic dialogue, learning conversations, systems/ecological thinking, 2nd order cybernetics, autopoietic theory, axiology, ethics, learning how to learn, emotional intelligence, peptides, endorphins, mindful, autodidactic, self-directed, alternative assessment, partnership, adaptive educational systems (AES), adaptation technologies and adaptive hypermedia (curriculum or learning task sequencing, intelligent analysis of learners' solutions, interactive problem solving support, example-based problem solving support, collaboration support, adaptive presentation and adaptive navigation support), intelligent tutoring systems (ITS), Gordon Pask, Conversation Theory, entailment meshes, learning styles and strategies, brainwaves, haptics, sonification, augmented reality, tele-immersion, 4D, hypercube, nanotubes, petabytes, tomorrow today, visionary, local, bioregional, watershed, community, sustainability, interconnectedness, "we're not in kansas anymore, toto," *ecstasy.

See George Leonard
Education and Ecstasy
copyright 1968
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